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Online Court Reservations


  1. All players will be required to be appropriately dressed in predominantly white.
  2. Only smooth-soled tennis shoes are permitted on courts. Other type shoes will not be permitted.
  3. Absolutely no swim suits, jeans, cutoffs, tee shirts nor other casual wear will be permitted on courts.
  4. All men and boys must wear shirts on the courts.
  5. Guest fees will be posted and charged.
  6. "Juniors" are considered 17 years of age and younger.
  7. Juniors playing with adults are considered adult players.
  8. Events will be posted on Tennis Bulletin Board.
  9. No children under the age of seven will be permitted unattended in the tennis court area even though their parents may be playing.
  10. All lessons must be sanctioned by the Club Pro or the Tennis Committee; further, currently teaching or touring Pros may not participate in Tournaments
  11. Reservations for courts are online. Click on the Reserve My Court icon or button on the beggining of this page.
  12. Courts may be reserved 48 hours in advance on the exact hour. Courts will be reserved for only a one hour period.
  13. No player may play more than two hours per day on reserved courts.
  14. No player will be permitted to succeed himself on the courts.
  15. Reservations will be held for 15 minutes after the appointed starting time.
  16. In the event a scheduled player does not show up or becomes ill or injured, thereby leaving a group shorthanded, a player who has previously played may fill in after checking with the Pro.
  17. Use of unreserved courts: In the event a court is still unreserved 15 minutes before the hour and it has not been filled by the "stand-by" list kept by the Pro, then, at the Pro's discretion, the court may be given to a casual arrival or to a player or players who have previously played.
  18. Names of all players must be registered at the tennis hut before beginning play.